Property of VFX graph changed by script seems to change value but it does not show in inspector or scene.

Hey fellow VFX-Friends,

I am trying to change some Property values via a script. The code I use is here:

    public void Awake()
        _connecterEffect = gameObject.GetComponent<VisualEffect>();


public Vector3 IntermediateOne
    get { return _intermediateOne; }
        Debug.Log(String.Format("We grab the value: {0}", _connecterEffect.GetVector3("IntermediateOne")));

        _intermediateOne = value;
        _connecterEffect.SetVector3("IntermediateOne", value);

        Debug.Log(String.Format("After SET we get the value: {0}", _connecterEffect.GetVector3("IntermediateOne")));

What is surprising is that in the second _connecterEffect.GetVector3(...) I indeed get the correct value. But it does not show in the inspector, nor does the VFX-Graph change its behaviour accordingly.

Edit: By “show in the inspector” I mean, the exposed properties of the VFX graph do not change.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

@Kpt-Offensichtlich Firstly Please don’t write many things on the same line of the code. If it ends with ‘;’ it means new line should start, and not continue on the same one.

Secondly, I don’t really get what is your problem? Like if you want to see the value of the Property in the inspector than Unity doesn’t have that kind of stuff (of course you can always write your own Editor)
And If you want to see “_intermediateOne” in the inspector make it public or write [SerializeField] in front.