(Prototype) - Ray-Traced Pong on Android and low-end PCs

Starting off with a simple but playable game. Here’s Pong with ray-traced caustics, refraction, reflection and shadows.

Ray-Traced Pong YouTube

Runs at 20-30 FPS on an mid-range Android (A52s) but frame rate tanks while recording, so didn’t record. Runs at 60+FPS on a laptop GTX 1050 (2gb).

Blender render

Android screenshot

More materials will be added to test the capabilities and I’ll convert this into a full game with game modes to also test my game design skills :muscle:

EDIT - Is it allowed to post my progress on social media to get more feedback?


Hi @ImmortalRay Looks cool. Can you say more about what are the inputs and what are the outputs of the model you are using? And how big is it?

Yes you can post your progress on social :slight_smile:

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Just 4 inputs - y position for 2 paddles, (x,y) position of the ball.
Output is a texture.
8 models, each with ~5 million params


I see, so the outputs are textures which are applied to the walls, the blocks and the ball which produce the shadows, caustics etc. Seems to work really well. :+1: