Prototyping Android game without Android License?

I want to start making an android game but I don’t have $400 to buy the license right now. Is it possible to make the game in the free version of Unity and then buy the license later?

Will I be able to use Android scripts (for example touch screen input) in the free version? Or maybe its smarter to buy the license before starting an android game? I would hate to have to rework 90% of the game after spending $400 on the license. Thanks for your help.

there are a lot of technical aspects to this, but the following should make it pretty clear:

  • You want to have playtesting in the most accurate way. whenever you’re creating a game you want to test it on the medium that will be used by the consumer.
  • you want to test the game from the first day of development on its target platform for technical and gameplay-related aspects.

I don’t think anyone would engourage “coding in the dark”.