PSM Publishing Utility for Unity Value cannot be null when generating key

Hi, I’m new to Playstation Mobile development, I’m intermediate when it comes to working on 2d games in Unity. I wanted to build a 2d game in Unity and port it to the Vita.

So I followed the following instructions found here Publishing from Unity to PS Vita « Unity Coding – Unity3D

Making sure I had downloaded the PSM Tools and installing it before I installed Unity.

The version of Unity that I installed was the following; Unity PSM 4.3.4f1

After installed I just downloaded the sample psm project playstation has in its portal I click build and run only for it to say i need to generate a key.

So I opened up Publishing Utility for Unity and went to the Key Management tab and clicked on the new key button and gave it a key name of “TEST”

only to get the following error after trying to create key (I successfully logged into my publishing account from sony when it prompted me to do so)


The name has to be the same as the psmb file. Sorry for the late response, it is better to ask on the PlayStation Mobile forum instead.

-Katy Pillman