Psychedelic camera effect

Hello, everyone!

First of all, thanks to everyone at this forum. I’m developing my first game and solved most of my problems by reading pre-existing questions. You are amazing!

Now there’s something I need to do and I haven’t found a way of doing it so far. I’m developing a 2D game using C# and I want something like a drugs effect. Change colors with psychedelic like pink, green, yellow, red. (Don’t ask, I’m not the game designer)

I thought maybe I should use a camera rendering effect, but I’ve never done any camera rendering.

Also, and this is an extra, but related (so I don’t post twice, I think it’s better): I need a blur effect. I made this death cam with a dark/transparent background color with the scores and the “try again” button and I want a blur effect there. I read it could be very resource consuming, but I’ll give it a try (also, it’s a simple 2D game, so I think I can take some extra resources without compromising performance).

Again, thank you very much and I hope you can help me!

Best to use an image effect yeah.
One thing you could do is use the VignetteAndChromaticAberration effect and change it’s intensity randomly, with a sine wave or mathf.pingpong in code.
Something like:

VignetteAndChromaticAberration chromatic_Vignette = Camera.main.GetComponent<VignetteAndChromaticAberration> ();

chromatic_Vignette.chromaticAberration = Mathf.PingPong(Time.time, 2));

You’d get an effect like the following: Surgeon Simulator 2013 | Electrocuted/Drugged Surgery Achievement - YouTube

You can also have a different effect that displaced the current screen render depending on a texture, I’ve made a package and put it on my dropbox:

Hi @jn327 :
I need to do something like this!
The Dropbox link no longer works. Any other place to get the package?
Thank you!,
Hi @jn327:
I need to do something like this!
The Dropbox link no longer works. Any other link to get the package?
Thank you!