Public Area or Region

I am in need of referencing an area or region of a map. I am working in the 2d side, so I need something like a

public Vector2[][] areas;

What I am trying to do is when a player enters a region, it will warp them to another preset region. I want to make an array to hold each region. So [1] would be linked to [2], and when the player enters region 1 they warp to 2. Then if the player enters 2 they warp to 1.
However, when I try to do the 2 dimensional array it doesn’t show up in the Inspector. Can the inspector not handle 2d arrays? If not is there something else I can use to specify a region or area publicly? If not then I could probably handle it with colliders.

It is my experience that you are correct in the assumption that the inspector can not handle 2d arrays. An alternative would be to use parallel arrays. Ex.

public Vector2[] areas1 = {expected starting areas};
public Vector2[] areas2 = {expected receiving areas};

Then make sure that you mirror the 2 arrays so that area1[0] through area1[area1.length-1] all match up with the corresponding area2 values with the same index. Then you would even be able to use the same index for both. Also from what you are describing it would seem that you were expecting more of a parallel array functionality anyway. One last thing if you are intending to use these arrays to handle in game transform positions, I would recommend using Vector3 so that you would not have to remember to put in the default value for the axis that you are using as the pane in your game.