public bool not showing in inspector

I know that this has been posted about over the forum quite a few times over the last 7 years but despite my honest attempts at finding an answer its just not working for me.

I have a public bool called enabled. Its supposed to be a tick box that when enabled allows me to see a grid in the scene view.

public class Grid : MonoBehaviour {

	public float width = 32.0f;
	public float height = 32.0f;

	public Color color = Color.white;

	public Transform tilePrefab;

	public TileSet tileSet;

	public bool draggable;
	public bool enabled;

There is nothing different about enabled compared to draggable but it wont show.
Draggable shows up but80808-enablednotshowing.png

Enabled does not.


(Even when setting the bool to private and serializing it, or reseting the script or replacing it, its still not showing.)

You’re using a custom editor window. You’ll need to add it in there.