Public MultiDimensional Array of Gameobjects

I’m creating a game with Unity and I had a problem I can’t solve.

I have to organize all my gameobject in the scene in a multidimensional array GameObject[,].

I just want to set up a public variable of one of my scripts with all the data, that are basically links to the gameobject in the scene.

I can already do that while in the game, but what I really want to do, is to “bake” the data in the editor, so the game don’t have to do it at the start. So, the question is : How can i set up a public GameObject[,] in the editor? Assuming I use a script like this:

foreach (Transform childTransform in parentTransform) {
    publicGameObject[x, y] = childTransform.gameObject

(Fake script wrote in 3 seconds)
What do I have to put instead of : publicGameObject[x, y]

The question is a bit confusing. If you’re asking about making Unity serialize a multidimensional array so it’s saved and show up in the inspector the answer is: you can’t. Unity can’t serialize multidimensional or jagged arrays. There are workarounds though by using an intermediate class:

public class GameObjectArray
    public GameObject[] inner;

public class SomeComponent : MonoBehaviour
    public GameObjectArray[] outer;

This construct can be serialized by Unity. It’s like a jagged array but it uses a slightly different way of accessing the elements.

GameObject go = outer[x].inner[y];

If you’re not asking how to make that array to show up in the inspector to edit it inside the editor during edit-time, you should be more clear with your description. Your pseudo-code doesn’t seem to make much sense.