Public Sterialized Varibal Not Apearing In Inspector

alt text

As you see the varibals wont appear, I’v tried everything and i have looked at other similar questions but i can’t fix the problem. Their are no errors I know of and this is the only script in my project.

Your MoveLocations class doesn’t contain any variable at all, so there’s nothing to show in the inspector. Keep in mind that a class is just a description of how an instance looks like. You actually want to add a public variable of type “PossibleMoveLocations” to your “MoveLocations” class. Since you used the plural you might want to use an array or List?

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class MoveLocations : MonoBehaviour
    public class PossibleMoveLocations
        public int moveTime ;
        public int moveId;

    public List<PossibleMoveLocations> locations;

    // or if you don't want a list / array:

    public PossibleMoveLocations oneLocation;