Publish game to Facebook

Sorry if already answered but when I search on various terms that include Facebook and Unity I only find talk about using the Facebook SDK inside Unity.

I already have a Unity game (DropZone) that so far I’ve published to Google Play and pending on Microsoft Store, and now I’m focusing on a web player build. What I’d like to know is, are there “publishing” options for Facebook?

I know Facebook has games that have versions that seem exclusive or very integrated in to Facebook… I used to play “Mafia Wars” on Facebook, for example. They made it seem like you never left Facebook while playing. I know a Unity game would need to be inside the web player to work at all. Does Facebook have anything specific to Unity developers, somewhere we can publish web player based games that appear to “be part of Facebook” like some of those other pure HTML/JavaScript games?

If so, are there any examples? I think it would be cool to post a link to my app on Facebook, and have people be able to play it without really leaving Facebook, and also use Facebook’s ADs to promote it. I know I could just have a link to my website, but doesn’t seem as nice.

For Unity games in FaceBook its pretty easy.

  1. Get facebook developer status
  2. Set up a new app on facebook
  3. Select the option to use the unity integration
  4. Provide a link to your Unity3D file

That said facebooks documentation in general is pretty rubbish. The stuff on the Unity SDK is downright terrible