publish to App Store BINARY to iTunes connect ?

Which files do I need to ZIP into a Binary to prepare for the Application Loader ?

Do I select all the files within the build Folder of my project ??

its my first time publishing.

Hi, & thanks so much for your answer…

I have now managed to get my app sent to apple for review.

I found it strange how there is no straight answer regarding building and publishing a game to Apple using Unity.

90% of the advice within Unity Answers is no longer valid. Anyone about to embark on publishing an app for the first time… disregard most of the messages in this forum. You’d be better to read the instructions provided when you sign up with iTunes Connect.

If anyone knows of a set of instructions from A-B please post here for all to gain a better understanding of the process.

The usual procedure is to just select “archive” in xcode. This will create an archive within xcode. In the oganiser window you can vaildate and distribute your game. Keep in mind that you have to create the app record first and you need to create a provisioning profile for distribution. This also needs to be downloaded and installed on your development machine. Once installed you have to select it in the xcode preferences for code signing.

As far as i remember that’s all.