publishing a tutorial game for free but with unity ads

i purchased the udemy course ultimate guide to 2d games was wandering if you can publish game for free but put unity ads in it. after putting my own spin on the game. but only to share with friends not to publish to playstore.

I don’t know if you legally can, but even if you could, you shouldn’t. Firstly, nobody would purchase it. Secondly, you are doing a disservice to the medium by putting out low-quality, creatively bankrupt content and attempting to monetize it. Make something good, then put ads in that. But don’t think for a second that publishing someone else’s work is respectable or even a good idea. You would simply be joining the ranks of UnitZ clones and the like.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Learn from the tutorial. Sharpen your coding and design skills.
  • Play games. Video games, board games, tabletop games, etc. Thinking from a designer’s standpoint.
  • Get inspired. Use what you’ve learned from analyzing existing games and come up with a new idea.
  • With that new idea, open Unity and create a new project.
  • Make your own art, or commission someone else to, or even make a game without many art assets. Minimalism works quite well in games, particularly when the core mechanics are bizzare or non-realistic anyway. And it’s not just for puzzle games. I’ve played everything from shooters to sandbox games that are so minimalistic they look like just blobs of color. And they were very fun.
  • Start coding
  • Add Unity Ads to that
  • Release a game that’s actually yours
  • Profit

I’m not trying to sell it that’s why I said free nor am I trying to call it my own or make anything off it more less advertising for unity. And not publishing to play store but just sharing with friends. On an android build. I would never do wrong to an original dev. of a game.