Publishing for IOS trouble: permission denied then Not Found

Hello All,

As the tile mentions this seems a common problem and can’t find a solution since a week.

Had build errors in xcode with Unity 4.6 , migrated to Unity 5.6.2f1 and no build errors in xcode, but while trying to publish, I faced the error “ permission denied”.

note: I have my scripting backend set to: IL2CPP

I found this useful link:

Did all the steps, glad that the error message changed which means, did something towards solving the problem, but now the error tells “ no such file or directory”.

If I keep this file, its an error, if I delete it (from xcode project, built from Unity) its an another error.

Have anyone faced this and solved? any hits would be helpful.

Thanks in Advance,

@moghes, Thanks for the link. It helped me, especially the answer that said:

open Terminal → Locate the folder of and type → chmod +x