Publishing my game on wordpress? (Do not post Plugin solutions they do not work.)

Ok all the plugins act do not work any way to get my WebGL build of my game on wordpress so people can play my game :slight_smile:

I did this recently and it worked well for me. Here is how I did it. When you make a webgl build you’ll see three things in the top level folder structure. Two directories, called Build and Template and an index.html file. You’ll upload the two directiories to your server, I put it in a folder I made for unity stuff in my child theme directory. Then open your index.html file and basically you’re going to have to transplant some of the html and javascript into a custom page using your best judgement and make sure to change the Build and Template asset links to link appropriately to the ones hosted on your server. It might take some trial and error but luckily there isnt much html to go over. You may be able to add it to your wordpress site by other means but this is the way I got the job done.