Publishing Unity to the App Store

My company is looking to publish an app towards the end of this week. We are using Unity along with the Qualcomm Augmented Reality Plugin to publish an Iphone/Ipad App. I have been researching the process of submitting to the Appstore for a few days now and it seems fairly straight forward. I was just wondering if there are some common mistakes or issues that pertain strictly to Unity or the Qualcomm AR Plugin that would prevent us from being accepted to the AppStore. Has anyone had any particular instances they would not mind sharing?

first damn you, ive been dieing to play with the unity qualcom specification for months now.

anyways yes there are some hurdles

never throw an error if there are any errors thrown during the game process (that arent handled) it will get sent back to you

the only other possible one is simplicity, if its too simple it too will be rejected.

now your question was on specifics, there are no real ones, however these I should say would be the most relevant towards your question.

going back to simplicity, Unity is great for making quick simple solutions for little things that would be great on an ipad for various little businesses and organizations, The App store rejects these. So whatever youve done needs to either be for a larger audience or needs to appear to be such. I know this is vague because it is a very arbitrary decision on their behalf (I hate apple :D, wish there was a company who was a hybrid between apple and windows)