Publishing with Trial?


Im curious: if i can throw together my game within the 30-days trial period,
can i pubish it commercially, even if i get a huge “Trial Version” splashscreen?

Thanks in advance.

You can’t publish anything commercially with the trial.

Why not just get the free license? I have not found anywhere where it says you cannot publish commercial games with it In fact I dont think you can publish commercial games with the 30 day trial.


(a) Unity Pro may be licensed by any company, educational institution, incorporated entity, or individual.

(b) Unity (free version) may not be licensed and used by companies, educational institution or incorporated entities that had a turnover in excess of US$100,000 in their last fiscal year.

Subject to the terms below (the ‘Agreement’), Unity Technologies A/S hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to install and to use Unity or Unity Pro or Unity Educational (the ‘Software’).

Except during the trial period, the Software must not be used without a valid license <— Not too sure what that means, but it seems by using the trial version you dont actually have any kind of license.