Pull a color out of a Color.Lerp fade

Hi, I’ve seen on other questions how to Lerp between colors like Fading between the two. But I’m looking to do it based on a number.

An example would be I have two colors. Red for the starting color, and Blue for the ending color. I would then assign them values such as

0 = Red,
100 = Blue

Then, I would get a number between 0 and 100, like 65. I would then want to be able to get the color corresponding to 65 between the starting color and the ending color. So, Not so much fading, but pulling a color out of a spectrum of colors based only on a Starting color, an ending color and a value between the two.

Any thoughts on how I might do this?

Use function Color.Lerp. I write small example(write on CSharp):

 public int cur = 65;

 void Start() {
  Color myCol = Color.Lerp(Color.red, Color.blue, (float)(cur)/100.0f; //get current color

I hope that it will help you.