Pulling My Hair Out With Shaders On Meshes from Blender

Hi there,

This is something that has been giving me grief for about 6 months. I have found workarounds for most situations (aka ProCore) but eventually I had to use a blender model into Unity. I am running Unity 4.6 Pro, and Blender 2.72.

When I use a plain diffuse shader, all of my models look fine. However, when I apply a bumped diffuse shader, or anything more advanced than a normal diffuse, there are weird shadows and dark spots.

I have:

  • Set Normals to import, and tangents to calculate
  • Using forward rendering
  • Tried exporting as every possible file format out of blender
  • Converting the blender objects to ProCore objects

And nothing seems to work. Every question I see here on UA says “set tangents to calculate” but for some reason this doesn’t work for me. Am I doing something stupid?




Check your face and/or vertex normals maybe? If they’re flipped the wrong direction you’ll get weird shaded black spots.

You can find directions on how to view them in edit mode here.

And here are directions on how to correct them if they are the problem.

For clarity, normal vectors tell which way “out” is. Your mesh should look like a porcupine when they are showing. Anywhere you just see an orange square is a normal that needs flipped.

Some areas might be smooth shaded try selecting all vertices in edit mode press W then shade flat or shade smooth C:.
Or some normals might be flipped, Try selecting the dark parts of the mesh in edit mode then press w then flip normals.