Pulling objects


I have tried many approached to this.
The obvious being my character controller attaches a hinge joint to the other body; but the physics cause all kinds of problems.
The nicer solution was the character controller simply turns the collided object into kinematic; which is great!
BUT!; the kinematic object can now pass through the box scenery (just colliders no rigid bodies).
Ideally I wish the kinematic object to report a collision to the character controller so that it doesn’t move.
I need the collision real time (i.e. not after the event) have tried ray casting but the kinematic object cannot find the scenery!.
Not sure which approach is best!; problems with physics or kinematic objects not recognising colliders.
Any help appreciated


Does it have to be a physics object? Why can’t you just parent the ‘pulled’ object to your player? That’s how games like zelda, darksiders, etc do it anyway (more or less)…

Well I need the physics because if the player ‘pulls’ the object and then decides to ‘push’ the object; it can be pushed through the scenery i.e. static box colliders.
Even if the option was just pull then in theory (as no physics) you could still pull the object through scenery assuming a narrow entrance i.e. still need physics (it’s actually collisions that are needed I guess and not actual physics).
If you can give more help that would be great!