Pulsing glow/self-illum

Hello everyone,
Im trying to get a effect which consist of getting a pulsing glow on a object which has to get picked up in the game so the player can see it easyer.

I tried to animate the main color of the self illum shader but I could figure it out.

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Something similar but it doesnt need to be on the edge

	// Interpolate light color between two colors back and forth
	var duration : float = 1.0;
	var color0 : Color = Color.red;
	var color1 : Color = Color.blue;
	function Update () {
		// set light color
		var t : float = Mathf.PingPong (Time.time, duration) / duration;
		light.color = Color.Lerp (color0, color1, t);

I found this for a lamp tried to adap it but i failed…

I hope you guys can help me out



Try this http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/13107-Glow-effect-with-adjustable-threshold-(enjoy)

I also know that tornado twins in their fps control have this effect when you walk near a weapon it starts to glow.