Pun2 and SteamVR 2.0 integration?

Is there a post-2018 tutorial on how to set up a simple multiplayer game with SteamVR and Pun 2 networking? Everything in the asset store like the “VR Shooting Range” by Exit Games(The Developer of Photon) and "Multiplayer VR Starter Kit " is wildly out of date and I’m kind of desperate to get this figured out.

Even something simple would be nice. I cannot for the life of me even figure how to get small stuff like the hands to synchronize.

Hey there,

no expert on VR but in the end it’s nothing else than a different input and output device so in the end you should start on a waaaay lower level. Start with some simple project where you add 2 boxes that you move with your keyboard and synchronize using photon.

The samples and tutorials for this are also mostly out of date but that is not this difficult to update.
When you have finished that it should be way easier to intrduce photon to some VR project.

Yeah, already have that down.

The problem is, I can’t add a Photon View to any of the SteamVR components, mainly the SteamVR_Behaviour_Pose which handled the tracking for the hands that I want to synchronize.

It refuses to acknowledge “using Photon.Pun;”

I want to know how others have got around that.

@Lable : I have exactly the same problem. Using Photon.Pun does not work in steamVR scripts, even though it works in the rest of the scripts in the project. Does anyone know a solution for that?