Punching - what would be the better way? (in javascript)

This is my first post. I made sure I search the related answers and the forums. I am trying to figure how to add damage to a rigidbody when it collides with my charactercontroller, so for my instance it would be punching. Before I go an corrupt my game by trying each way, I thought I would save time by asking for a second opinion.

One way I was told I could do it is by using AddForceExplosion on my character. But I was thinking that maybe I should make the radius of the capsule to my character a little wider and simply detect a collision.

What are your opinions on this?

on the rigidbody implement a life system by making a variable that get's life subtracted from it every time you punch it. then when life = 0 destroy game object. want anymore info on how just say.

So I went for the simple option of just detecting the collision in the capsule of the character controller. If anyone comes across this question looking for how to do the task above. Set your character controller capsule width to the width slightly shorter of your punch animation and just run a OnControllerColliderHit function to detect the hit. Pretty simple, will post if I come along any major problems with this technique.