Purchasing Unity content to create a tabletop RPG

My dear fellows,

I'm new to unity and am a bit overwhelmed by the titanic amount of information and have some trouble to find correct answers. Could you please help me?

I'm creating a table top RPG not a computer one. I purchased some assets from the store and downloaded them into my computer. I would like to use them for my game that I would like to produce (fingers crossed). I can do that if I purchased them right?

Thank you!

Usually not. The license you pay for (or download under) is usually for electronic use only. Please talk to a lawyer and show her/him the license agreement before you release anything tangible out of other people’s work.

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Not allowed.


You need to seek permission from asset owners if you’re planning to use assets for 2d or 3d prints, making figurins and the like, as this is not permitted by unity asset store. (you’d be making a derived work and reselling it).


You should have checked this out before buying the assets, you may be able to get a refund but I doubt it.


Thank you very much for your answers... I contacted the Customers Services and will see with them. I also contacted one of the artist and she told me that it is ok for her if I use it for a table top game or video game as it doesn't change anything to her. If I get the OK from the artist, I guess it is fine, right?

Yes, you should ask the creators of the assets that you purchased. They all have the creator rights to grant you additional rights of use, no matter what the unity assetstore eula says. I recommend to ask before buying assets. So far everyone I asked for similar usecases said yes, but you still need to ask. Alternatively there are other assetstores that have some of the same assets as the unity assetstore with a EULA that generally permits the use that you have in mind, because those assetstores aren’t targeted at gamedev specifically. But they also have even worse quality assurance and even more stolen assets are being sold there compared to the unity assetstore, so I hesitate to recommend any sites. In all cases I recommend doing some research to see if the offers seem legit. E.g. one asset of a couple houses that I wanted to buy recently was using brand names and logos from GTA5 as decorative elements on textures, so that’s of course a no-go for such assets.

p.s.: I’m pretty sure an old version of the unity assetstore eula granted this use explicitely but they changed it. I think asking creators is much better because when they grant you that right of use, it persists beyond eula changes. If you pay a lawyer to read and interpret the eula for you, and they change the eula tomorrow, you’re back to square one for all new assets you want to buy.

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is OP talking about printing 3d miniatures?

if so, probably unity asset store is not the place to look for that. that requires specialized models.


Thank you Martin, your advice is very useful. I already got the agreement from one and am expecting an answer from another.