Pure Data audio


I’m sorry to bother people with what may seem an unintelligent question. However i am currently using procedural audio techniques and was wondering if their is a way of combining Pure Data with Unity3D.

I have seen one video where someone has achieved this but was wanting to also know how difficult it can be. as i am not a programmer.

Any help or advice on this area would be greatly appreciated

Thank you.

@AudioFreek This is what you want: GitHub - Magicolo/uPD: A relatively complete alternative to Unity's audio engine using Pure Data and LibPD.

The easiest way to implement this would be to create one large PD patch which contains all the audio synthesis for a scene and open it with Pd.openPatch(“name”). you can then communicate with this patch via “recieve” objects in pd and Pd.SendMessage() on the Unity side of things.

I am not a programmer, but I write a master’s decree about procedural audio and are using this example to send messages from Unity3D to Pure Data (You need to scroll down a little to get to the Unity Part). Unfortunately, I have not found any good sollution to send the audio back into Unity without upgrading to Unity Pro and using libpd. So right now, I can not use Unity’s 3D audio capabilities. Does anybody else got something to say on this matter?