Purpose of some files in the Library folder

Accoring to "Using External Version Control Systems with Unity", some files in the Library folder should be versioned (*.asset and BuildPlayer.prefs) and some other should be ignored.

Some files in the Library folder do not match either of them. Should they be ignored, too? Namely these are:

  • AssetVersioning.db
  • expandedItems
  • ProjectUsesCompressTexturesOnImport

Also, some of the files that should be versioned change every time, even if I just open and close Unity immediatly. What's inside? Does it harm to add them to svn:ignore?

  • MonoManager.asset
  • BuildSettings.asset (sometimes)

(External version control support is enabled)

All the files you listed above can be safely not versioned.

Basically, what you need to version is the setting files for things in "Edit -> Project Settings" menu (input, time, physics, ...) settings.