Push Notification to start a scene

I was wondering whether I can use APNs in iOS to trigger an event in my game, like start a scene without user clicking the notification. Is it possible to use remote push notifications for events like this?

If you mean starting a scene from notification while the game is running, the answer is yes.

Many push notification SDKs let you put a function into your app that gets called when a notification is received while the app is running, along with any metadata sent along with the notification.

I work on a push notification platform called GameThrive, and here’s our documentation on how to do this if you’re using our SDK: http://documentation.gamethrive.com/v1.0/docs/gamethrive-unity-sdk-api#HandleNotification

Hey BlackPanda,
I’m one of the developers of a new asset UTNotifications. It allows to process the incoming notifications on each platform in a general way. You can also provide and read any custom data with notifications so you’ll be able to open a scene or do anything else when you receive the push notification. GameThrive can do the same but it’s a service. If you prefer using your own server to send push notifications you may be interested in UTNotifications. It provides the complete source code for both the client and server sides so it is extremely customisable.