Push Notifications Registered Device Retention

What is the retention duration of an Apple device that has had the app installed and registered for push notifications, but now no longer? I receive invalid device token errors upon sending because the targets are no longer existent. How long does it take for a device to be unregistered from APNS?

Hi @MiTschMR

Apple push notification tokens don’t have a retention period as such, but you will get ‘invalid token’ errors if the token can no longer be used to send notifications to a specific device. The reasons for this include app deleted/reinstalled, device reset and/or restored from backup, some OS updates and if the player revokes notifcation permissions for the app in device settings.

The Notificatons package checks permissions and sends a new notificationServices analytics event each session to keep the notification token fresh.

Thanks for your answer! This means that there will be failed send attempts for every user who installed the app, but did any of the mentioned actions so they can no longer receive notifications? Well, this means I will no longer check and compare how many notifications were sent and received…