put a void in an if statement?

Hey! im making a loading screen within Unity and i need to check if a continue button is pressed so the loading can start. Im Checking if the Continue button is pressed with a public void, but I get an error when putting:

if (ContinueButtonPressed)
(start loading)
when trying that I get the error “Cannot implicitly convert type void to bool”

ideas? here’s my code so far:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class SceneLoader : MonoBehaviour {

    private bool loadScene = false;
	public Button ContinueButton;
	public Text FirstText;
	public Text SecondText;
	public Text ThirdText;

	public Text loadingText;

    private int scene;
    private Text LoadingText;

public void ContinueButtonPressed()
FirstText.enabled = false;
SecondText.enabled = false;
ThirdText.enabled = false;

    // Updates once per frame
    void Update() {

        // If the player has pressed the space bar and a new scene is not loading yet...
        if (loadScene == false) 
			if (ContinueButtonPressed())
				LoadingText.enabled = true;

            // ...set the loadScene boolean to true to prevent loading a new scene more than once...
            loadScene = true;

            // ...change the instruction text to read "Loading..."
            loadingText.text = "Loading...";

            // ...and start a coroutine that will load the desired scene.



        // If the new scene has started loading...
        if (loadScene == true) {

            // ...then pulse the transparency of the loading text to let the player know that the computer is still working.
            loadingText.color = new Color(loadingText.color.r, loadingText.color.g, loadingText.color.b, Mathf.PingPong(Time.time, 1));



    // The coroutine runs on its own at the same time as Update() and takes an integer indicating which scene to load.
    IEnumerator LoadNewScene() {

        // This line waits for 3 seconds before executing the next line in the coroutine.
        // This line is only necessary for this demo. The scenes are so simple that they load too fast to read the "Loading..." text.
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(3);

        // Start an asynchronous operation to load the scene that was passed to the LoadNewScene coroutine.
        AsyncOperation async = Application.LoadLevelAsync(scene);

        // While the asynchronous operation to load the new scene is not yet complete, continue waiting until it's done.
        while (!async.isDone) {
            yield return null;



If you are trying to say when the function is called do something as in If(ContinueButtonPressed is called) { do stuff } you need to add a bool as a variable in the script with the default value of false and when the function is called set it to true and use the bool in the if. Otherwise use a C sharp delegate ex:

public delegate void ButtonPressed();
public event ButtonPressed OnButtonPressed;

void PressButton(){
         //Other code here

void Start(){
 OnButtonPressed += Stuff();

void Stuff(){
//Code in if statement here