Put out fire with water particleSystem

Hey all- I have a question about using particles to trigger some code much like OnTriggerEnter. Basically I have a particlesystem of water streaming.
When a water particle from that system collides with my trigger, I want the fire in my scene to stop. Does anyone know how to achieve this? Seems to be very few or no tutorials on the subject and Unity’s documentation for OnParticleTrigger is not really clear to me as a beginner coder

This looks promising:


So this is a script that you would attach to your particle system that streams water:

public ParticleSystem part;
    public List<ParticleCollisionEvent> collisionEvents;

    void Start()
        part = GetComponent<ParticleSystem>();
        collisionEvents = new List<ParticleCollisionEvent>();

    void OnParticleCollision(GameObject other)
        int numCollisionEvents = part.GetCollisionEvents(other, collisionEvents);
        int i = 0;

        while (i < numCollisionEvents)
            if (other.tag == "Fire")

You need to make sure to set the triggers module on the ParticleSystem to on and also turn on the collision module. You need to do that to the water particle system. For the fire particle system you need to turn on the collision module. For each collision module you also need to enable the little checkbox under the collision module which is labeled ‘Send Collision Messages’. Also make sure to set the type of the collision module to world. Ill add a video so you can see everything.

Heres that video:

The Tutorial Video