Put shaders in different AssetBundle without bundles dependency.

Sorry for bad english, it’s not my mother tongue.

In my project I’m packing prefabs in AssetBundles and then loading with WWW.

Dependencies looks like this:
alt text

Every prefab contains meshes, textures, shaders, etc. It’s a whole GameObject.

It’s made because on mobile devices loading and compiling custom shaders from AssetBundle take a LOT of time (about 6-8 seconds on Galaxy S1). But if all shaders placed in one AssetBundle it takes a lot of time once, not on every bundle with prefab when I want to load and instantiate them.

The problem appears, when I want to change something in one of my prefabs. I must rebuild all this bundles and user must download them all again. And again and again, every time I change something. It’s really annoying.

Is there a possibility to remove this dependencies? Or make this dependencies works in my situation somehow? Or I must look in another direction and organize prefabs differently?

If something is unclear - please ask. I will try to explain.

Thanks in advance.

I want to do exactly the same, I can’t find it anywhere.