PutOnPath iTween spline but not restrict in the up direction (jump)

Hi, I'm using itween's PutOnPath for a 2.5D sidescroller but I was wondering if there was a way to constrain the the path only with the X/Z to be able to make the character "Jump"?


Your best bet would be to encapsulate your character in an empty GameObject and place this "holder" on the path. That way you are free to cause your character to change his y axis while the cage around him leads him down the path.

I'd love to see what your come up with!

Just put an example together on the support site for iTween that I hope helps out with this. Hope it helps: http://itween.pixelplacement.com/examples.php

Create an empty Object on the path of iTween and create a character that follows this object.
improve it by adding the furthest and closes the distance, being 4 and 0 maybe or something and make it slowly catch up to the obj that moving.
you character will still be able to jump it just follows the obj and looks EXTREMELY smooth and good, i have not tried this but this is what i am looking for, Thank the Heavenly Trinity that I was gifted this truth to see! finally, i can do what i have been trying to do in the past 4 minutes.