Putting an image in the middle of two cameras (not repeated)


My game screen is split in half, camera on the right and one on the left. I want to put an image on top of the middle area between them (i.e. I want the left half of the image appearing on top of the of the left camera and the other half on the left part of the right camera.)

Kindly find a screen shot I made with my desired requirements.


lol but you need the third camera to draw above everything:

  1. create an empty object with the GUI texture you need
  2. put that object into a separate layer
  3. create a new camera and give it the following settings:
  • Clear Flags: Depth Only
  • Depth: anything bigger than both left and right cameras’ depth (max 100)
  • Culling Mask: the layer of your new GUI object

You can use new UI (Unity 4.6) to achieve this effect.

  • Create a canvas with Render Mode as ‘Screen Space - Overlay’.
  • Add an image to this canvas and position it on the center of the screen.