Putting Physics into the Late Update, fixes the problem ?

Hello guys, so I was having a motion jitter / stutter. I know this is a common problem in Unity and actually completely erasing the motion jitter is almost impossible, because not the engine itself it has to do something with it, but also the gpu and screen’s refresh rate. As you know, Physics calculations must be done via FixedUpdate, and camera calculations via LateUpdate. And Update for input reading, right ? My character controller script was on FixedUpdate, and recieving inputs through Update. And my camera script is on*LateUpdate. There was a motion stutter, jitter, whatever you call it, and it suddenly reduced after I’ve taken the character controller calculations into the LateUpdate. So, I’ve achieved more smooth motion (still jittery though) that I can think about, but I’m actually concerned about this. I know the deal about these update calls, one being after other one, one being called more than the other etc, but my knowledge is actually limited about these, so I have to ask, will using character controller calculations in the LateUpdate can cause some problems, if yes, what kind of problems may these be ? Should I’ll be fine, or can an unexpected thing occur in different computers if I keep using calculations in LateUpdate ? Thanks :slight_smile:

The only “unexpected” thing that can happen by switching Update/FixedUpdate/LateUpdate is that sections of your code will occur at different times relative to each other. In practical terms, that means lag or lack of synchronicity (in rendering or responsiveness). That’s it.