Puzzle Game 2.5D intended for iPhone/iPad - Any particular camera settings recommended?

There are obviously many different camera positions and settings that will make my game objects fill the screen. Example: camera far away with narrower angles, camera close with wider angles, and so on.

Is there a particular setting that is 'known' to work well so that graphics are as clear as possible once running on the iPhone/iPad? Any advice/links appreciated.


I think the answer is no. But no worries, It's pretty easy to set up a 2.5d scene and move cameras around and fiddle with cam angles and such to see what the results are. The big difference I think will be between orthographic or not. If you have 3d objects and want a 2.5d game I'd probally try for a non-orthographic cam.

Good luck!

Field of view is purely an aesthetic/functional choice that has no impact on "clarity". All you need to worry about is positioning the camera, and setting the field of view, so things look awesome, and then setting your clip planes properly. That is, the near clip goes as far from the camera as possible, and the far clip plane comes as close to the camera as possible, before you start cutting into objects. Setting the clip planes to be really tight ensures that you don't have problems with objects rendering in the wrong order, especially when they are near the far clip plane.