Python/Lua modding integration?

Hi I’ve currently started work on a game in unity. I want to make my game highly moddable and modular and I want to keep that in mind from the get go. I have two options that I think would satisfy my idea of how modding in particular scripting would work. I could either use python as the language of choice or lua. My preference goes to python. The question is if anyone knows of a way I could execute python scripts and create a python api module for the different in game c# systems. I would want the python scripts to work similar to the default mono behavior with start and update methods but in python. Any tips and advice is welcome. Thank you for taking your time and reading my post.

Edit: Feedback or tips regarding the same thing but with lua are also very helpfull.
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I have decided to switch to C# instead of Python or Lua. User CCullen on reddit gave me this response which convinced me not to go down that road: