[Q]2D RPG Tools

Hey there folks. So for the past month or so I've been fiddling around with systems like the 2D Toolkit, the ORK Framework, etc. and trying to compare the combination of solutions with the famed RPG Maker. I'm not looking to do this without any code, but I am looking for a system to save me some time, I'm a C# programmer so I don't horribly mind doing it if I have to. My question to the community, and those who've been working with Unity and Game Design for a while now...

Is there something for Unity along the lines of RPG Maker?

I'm not looking for something "Better" just something a bit more professional. Heck, even anything like RPM for unity. My biggest gripe with RPM is it's use of Ruby and the fact that it's natural behavior is to leave all of your assets in normal folders anyone can view. The Autotiles feature is probably my favorite, but the editor/database is great for quick creation of items and characters.

I'm not saying it's like working with paint and I want photoshop...but something that follows the general scheme even with the same restrictions is fine since in Unity I can use C# to modify it. Again, I'm just looking for a time saving solution without needing to learn huge APIs. But I'm looking for some of those same features. I'd rather use a window or inspector pane to create an item in 30 secs rather than 15 mins in code, if that helps explain it. Even if anyone has an idea of other software to use, rather than just plugins, since RPM just won't work for us.

I hope I'm not sounding too lazy and I really hope no-one minds the abstract question. Thanks in advance. :sunglasses:

I'm confused.

You have the ORK framework. Everything is in there.. and in C#

I've been using the ORK framework since before its inception during ORK1, it's got everything you need to emulate RPM and beyond. There are also other RPG creation alternatives on the asset store but they'll all involve some work.

Okashi Itsumo / GamingIsLove made a superior product to everything RPM can do with API access so all the tools you need are there. I don't understand by what could be more "professional". Do you mean easier to use?

You don't need code to create an item with ORK, actually you don't need code at all if you want to use it as is

Maybe I missed something, I was under the impression that the Okashi system was designed only for 3D and didn't have a 2D input/movement system or map system for 2D. Since we're using a tile based system for the entire game.
Would ORK work in conjunction with something more suited to that style of map? Or is it not meant to work on a top down 2D game? (And by top down I don't mean overhead I mean pseudo 3D in the style of RPM games.)

The ORK framework is your controller system, battle system, event system, dialogue system, stat system, enemy ai, zone changer, inventory system, shop system, saving/loading system, gui system, etc, etc. It mainly encompasses everything that makes the game except for the visual side of it. You can pretty much use whatever you want as a game object for characters or environments.

The best would be to contact the developer himself for more details, he's very helpful. You can also go find out whats possible in the ORK forums for help and more detailed questions. lol I feel like I'm part of some kind of ORK marketing scheme.. I just like the framework


I can tell you right away that if you go in the Showcase section of the ORK forums, one of the developers there is making an awesome looking game called Dead Gear completely in 2D.


Everyone is friendly and helpful so don't be afraid to ask for help on how to use those tools you have.

I saw that, but when I read that all the controls and 2D framework was custom I was worried that what we had in mind wouldn't work with it.
You're right, you do sound like you're making a commission :p but honestly that's good, that lets me know the system is good any people enjoy
using it. Thanks for the info I'll have to head over there.