[QATO][META] unpublish already published answers

I have seen a few questions/answers being published through moderation where the question/answer wasn’t acceptable for publishing. When that happens I get mad while thinking “what a waste of the new moderation tool”, but as of 5 minutes ago I made the mistake myself; I published an answer that shouldn’t have been published. And I thought: “why am I not able to unpublish this answer when I just published it myself?” Why is it not working the same way as when you want to remove an upvote; you click the publish button a second time to un unpublish it.

This feature would be really handy. That or don’t have publish and “+” right next to each other to remove the possibility of pressing one button when you meant to press the other.

Or am I totally spacing on the ability to unpublish a already published question/answer?

Whether it’s needed here or not isn’t for DZone for decide, but for what it’s worth this is on the list of improvements for the general skin that this site is using :slight_smile: There are also a host of improvements around private communication with the author of moderated posts and major improvements to search planned in the next update. That update is still yet to be scheduled though.

Personally i don’t think we need such a feature. It’s ment to prevent spam in the first place, not to judge bad questions / answers beforehand. If i see answers in the queue which should be comments i usually publish them and convert them into comments. If i see duplicated posts i compare them and eventually delete the oldest / most useless.

If you browse the moderation queue you have to take the time to inspect the post carefully. If you can’t delete / convert totally wrong posts you accidentally published, just post a comment to inform others.