QCAR ARcamera problem

Hi everyone,

i have the following hierarchy in Unity:
–>directional light

So, the housemodell is the GameObject to be shown when the FrameMarker is detected. The modell is loaded in runtime, everything works perfectly.

The treasure is an empty GameObject in the middle of the screen, it’s modell is loaded in runtime from an assetbundle.

The whole program has a menu (iphone app), which controlls whetver we want to show the modell on the marker ,or show the treasure modell in the middle of the screen.

The problem is:
If we show the house modell, then show the treasure modell (2 completely separate GameObjects with separate scripts), the treasure modell always shows up on the last marker position, not in the middle of the screen. I tried to move it with transform.position, localposition, itween, change its parent to ARCamera, nothing works.

Anyone has any idea how to solve this?


Hi, ezzored. If I’m not wrong the ARCamera will move to focus on the marker, this is why your object which supports to appear at the center of the screen will appear at where the marker shows last time, the “center” of your camera already move to there. Maybe you want to try to reset your camera’s postion to the original. Hope this helps.