qcar unity project for android and ios


I started 2 different project when trying out qcar for unity one for android and for ios. I tried lated to switch platform of iOS one and build it for android. The app installs but objects are not being tracked by qcar. On the other project I thried to build original android qcar project to ios but this has failed on build in xCode with errors of undefined symbols (about 30) referenced from qcar library.
In both cases before building i inported from iOs or android unity packade Library folder so I have in both projects iOS and Android plugin folder with qcar libraries.
Is it even possible to have one qcar project and deploy it for both platforms? or do I have to keep 2 separate projects?


I was wrong about project created for iOS and then deplyed for android. this actually works fine, i just did change dataset and forgot to activate it.
Problem persists though with the project created as android and deploying for iOS, this still failes in xcode on building. any idea? did anyone try this?