QR Code scanner not working properly on mobile devices

I recently bought a qr code scanner and generator from the asset store but it seems it was submitted with an old version of Unity. If I run it in the editor is accessing the camera allright and the image move smoothly as I try to read it. The issue is that when I build on mobile the camera it moves reatly slow and freezes at times. It might be because I’m using draw features and OnGui function that uses old features? I’m not sure how I can change the code to the new UI features in order to work smoothly.
I attached the script ,maybe someone can spot the issue for mobile rendering to be more efficient.
link text

Hi @calinu4 if you want to detect barcodes on iOS and Android at blazing speed, use NatCam.

Doesn’t answer your question directly but, fwiw, I use zxing for barcode/qr code recognition in Unity and it works great (on Android and PC, anyway). And it’s free :slight_smile: