Qualcomm AR Prerequisites


I have recently been looking to develop a small AR application for IPhone / IPad. While researching I discovered the Qualcomm AR SDK, which looks very promising. Now in another thread here I read “[…] Qualcomm being a plugin, I need Unity pro”.

Is that true? Do I need Unity pro to install and use Qualcomm? Or will it work fine with just Unity and Unity IPhone ? ($400)

Unity License Comparison

The above link will take you to a page where you can see the differences between Unity Free and Unity Pro. I have never used Unity Free, but there is nothing on the license page that explicitly states that you cannot use plugins with Unity Free.

What is important, however, is to remember that to testing an Augmented Reality application requires you to test from a device with a functioning camera. To build to the device, you need Unity iOS, which is not free unless you took advantage of the Unity iOS trial they were running recently. Not sure if that’s still available.

As far as prepping you project for the QCAR SDK, take a look at this video

You need Pro if you want to load DLL’s directly pretty much. Qualcomm is a big deal for Unity, it’s not prohibited that I know of, I use it every day. You should grab up the free iOS and Android licenses while you can. I’m assuming you have a Mac to build on, you need that for iOS. Android has no such restrictions.