Quality issues with 2D sprites...

Hi guys,

My team is building a 2D game using Unity’s new UI and sprite system but we’re experiencing some issues in regards to the quality of the graphics. Sprites are looking pixellated and there are problems with gradients/banding - I have attached examples. We have imported all sprites with the following settings: 8192 as a maximum size, true colour and generating mip maps enabled. The final issue is that even with these problems, and very little art actually implemented, the app’s still coming out at over 115MBs!

Does anyone an idea of how to improve the quality of the sprites and also reduce the size of the app?


You probably won’t need mipmaps in a 2D application (unless you zoom/dezoom with a significant factor). Disabling them should solve your issue.

I have attached the png to show you how to increase sprite quality.
Ajust the Max Size to get the best result.

According to size. You dont need to make big sprite to get good quality everytime. You should make sprite with max size of 1024 and ajust them here in Inspector.

While i dont understand why you project having so big size because i have used many sprites and i have never get to that size. I think you should make your spirte size small.
And take a look on other assets like mp3 sounds and make sure you are not importing assets you dont need.

Hope this helps

Just untick the mipmap option…as above said.and dont use true color ,select which resolution ur sprite is with compression option.I think it helps u.

If I uncheck mip maps it will look bad, look at the imagea attached, and if I use compress format I’ll get some banding on sprites