Quality question

Hello! I was wondering if anyone here know what is the better quality settings for a project. I am making some custom quality options in my game, and i want the “Overwhelm” to be the best one. The one that uses all of the pc’s resources at max. I am talking about something that would make most pcs ridiculously laggy and overloaded lol

Here is a screenshot of the settings i am using for it:

Can someone help me to change it to max? I am not that good at setting quality settings yet, so i was wondering if i already selected the max quality settings.

Other than changing the pixel light count to something like 16, there’s not much else you could change.

Also keep in mind that the majority of your quality settings’ changes to performance will be based off of image effects. Therefore, if you are using image effects, it would be useful to write a script for your scene that will enable/disable image effects, as well as change their individual settings based on the quality settings.