QualitySettings.maximumLODLevel vs. Shader.globalMaximumLOD?

Does QualitySettings.maximumLODLevel automatically affect Shader.globalMaximumLOD, or do I need to set that value directly in code?

The documentation for QualitySettings.maximumLODLevel is pretty thin, but the values seem to be constrained to [0,7]. Meanwhile, Shader.globalMaxmimumLOD has useful numbers between 0 and 600 (maybe 700?), which seems like it might be a convertible range.

If I don’t set Shader.globalMaximumLOD, then the value is always MaxInt, regardless of the QualitySettings applied.

QualitySettings.maximumLodLevel work with component “LOD Group”。
it controls Mesh.

Shader.globalMaxmimumLOD work with all shader’s tag “LOD”。
it controls Shader.