Quest 2 flashing white and black when in play mode

I am attempting to make a vr game for quest and quest 2. Whenever I use air link and go in play mode, it starts going black and white before loading the game in normally. When I go out of play mode, a error appears saying something about xr failing to teleport. (I don't exactly rememberthe error message.) I also turned multi-view on as well. This is my first unity project and I don't what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated!

In order to help we'll need a couple more pieces of information:

  • Which version of Unity are you using?
  • Are you using the legacy Oculus provider or OpenXR?
  • Can you provide a screenshot or the full text of the error message?
  • Does anything similar occur with other VR experiences?

The version of Unity I'm currently using is 2021.3.21f1.

I'm using OpenXR

The error message disappeared when I left Unity, but I will try to get it again.

No, this doesn't occur with other VR experiences.

Is this the warning you saw?
XR Interaction Toolkit: Interaction Layer 31 is not set to 'Teleport'.

Can you get any screen capture or video of the "going black and white?" I'm unsure at this point what the issue could be. Alternately, you can submit a bug report. Make sure to respond with the issue tracker ID.

I know what's causing this, I had the same issue when I tested the new XR Package from Unity with the sample scene. It's right there in the error message as it states. Layer 31 is not set to Teleport. You have to name layer nr 31 in the VR settings to "Teleport". After you've done that the error will be gone and nothing will be flashing for you.

I do this and my problem is always here... (HTC Vive)

@maxime66410 can you provide us more info on which version of Unity are you using, as well as which packages and details on the platform you're testing? If you have error messages in editor or in logs, it could be useful if you attach those as well.

Unity 2022.2.20f1 -> HDRP
Unity-xr-plugin -> OpenVR Unity XR Package v1.1.4

I activate DX12 my bad
The SteamVR Unity plugin does not support DirectX 12 (only DirectX 11).