Quest System Pro won't let assign Quests to QuestGiver

I’m using Quest System Pro which Devdog released as open source but I think this question is also generally Unity related. I’m using Unity 2019.3.0f5

There’s quest giver component that holds ScriptableObject quests - problem is I can’t assign the quests. If I click the element nothing happens and also the circle icon is missing. And that “(empty)” is strange too.

So has anyone else managed to create ScriptableObject that behaves like this in inspector - or better yet have you used Quest System Pro and encountered this?


Lol. I accidentally clicked the empty space where circle icon SHOULD BE and QSP custom object picker opened up.

So the problem was that UI didn’t work as usual (unresponsive to clicking, can’t drag&drop, missing circle icon) and I thought it was something wrong with the serialization of the scriptableobject etc.