Question about A.I

Hi, I have a question about AI, suppose you where to make an open world game with 60 or 100 players and the game runs on a server, Would heavly scripted AI be a problem, and also if you had 1000 or 2000 on the entire server, would that cause the server to run slow?

If it could be slow, would you have to properly optimize your code?

Thanks for reading

The AI itself won't be a huge problem, since you'd only want a main server to handle that, and then send its information to the connected players. The networking on the other side is the biggest issue, since even with a handful of players you would need a powerful internet connection to be able to send the information to each user without any noticeable latency.

You can have complex AI in a networking game, it just depends on how you are sending the information back and forth between the clients and the server. You want to send as minimal information as you can to reduce packet overflow. And like Bumbaz said, the calculations will be handled on the server so it shouldn't slow things down. You will definitely need to look into client-side prediction to keep everything smooth and to reduce the amount of information being passed on the network. You don'd necessarily need an amazing connection to prevent latency... latency will be there regardless, its how you handle it through methods such as client-side prediction that make the difference.