Question about Analytics and consent prompt requirement

I'm working for a small business that has decided to integrate Analytics into our enterprise application, which is available on Microsoft store, iOS and Android platforms. This will enable us to track certain user activities such as their preferred method of authentication.

However, we seem to need to implement a consent form for users to allow us to track their activities within the app. We do not track any data outside of the app, such as browsing history, and data collection is included in the license agreement that customers agree to when purchasing the app license.

We're wondering if there's a way to track certain data, like button clicks, without requiring users to provide explicit consent? Or is consent required for all events that are tracked (sensitive or not)?

Alternatively, do we need to implemented native consent prompts on mobile devices, such as "XXX App would like to track your content usage in the app"
OR can we show a disclaimer 'We are using your data for experience improvement, to change it go to...'?

Hi @xenilovedon ,

Thanks for reaching out! In general, the consent mechanism is in place for locations that have laws regarding data collection, for example, PIPL in China. When the SDK establishes the legislation of the location of a user, the next step is to gain consent from the user (if required). Giving consent generally means an act by the user, so a disclaimer might not be sufficient as there is no true acknowledgment.

You can read more about our Data & Privacy rules here:

Managing Data Privacy

Let me know what you think!


Thanks for the reply Randy!
We currently have Privacy Policy and T&C in place that comply with GDPR and CCPR. When users purchase license to login to the app they have already accepted those terms (they cannot use app without a license).

Does this mean that we still have to add consent flow to the app? Or can we add Unity Privacy Policy to our own PP and T&C when users register?

I apologise if this is somewhere in documentation but I couldn't locate it. Appreciate the speedy reply.

Hi again @xenilovedon

Let me look into that and get back to you ASAP!



Hi again @xenilovedon ,

To be honest, I can't answer this question confidently, as it had legal ramifications. I would be diligent in following any legal standards and be overly cautious in your implementation, for example, following Unity Analytics documentation guidelines.