Question about animation

Hi! I downloaded an animation because it is VERY smooth and i am also a HORRIBLE animator, so this was the only option. I could have made an animation myself but it would literally took weeks…

But the problem is that it was made using a “standard” profile. This means that the animation doesn’t have a model, and my character doesn’t fit on it. My question is, is there a way to “assign” my character to the animation so it does what it was supposed to do without the necessity of rewriting the animation?

Here’s a picture:

If it isn’t, is there a way to automatically make a walking animation for my character? I really need something…

If you have a model and don’t want to rig/animate it then try Mixamo, it only needs an Adobe ID, otherwise is free

Is your model rigged and mapped?

Does it have the various transforms that make up the model for things like “Hips” + “LeftLeg” etc? If so, rename them and see what happens. If not, then you’ll have to adjust the animation accordingly.