Question about audio (AudioSource). My ingame sound doesn't sound like the original audio file?

Hello, i have a question about sound. I have a sound file (.ogg) when i click the play button in the editor the sound is “normal”. I made a gameobject with a AudioSource (all settings are default), i added the file to the Object and started the game, my ingame sound doesn’t sound like the orginal sound file, it’s hard to explain, but the sound is just very noticable different, why? I want the ingame sound to sound 1:1 like the orginal sound file, which settings do i have to change?

You should disable the 3D sound in the import options and also in the AudioSource of the game object. Otherwise the audio is modified according to the position of source and listener in 3D space.

You can try playing around with the settings in the audio source, and try testing the game on a computer instead of a VR. Aside from that, I can’t help you without access to the original file.

I found my error, I have a audio mixer group for “bow sound effects” and for some reason the Attenuation → Volume was set to 20 dB, i changed it back to the default 0 dB and now it sounds 1:1 like the original sound,